Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses Explained

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimisation?

If you haven’t heard the phrase before now, SEO (or search engine optimisation as it is referred to properly) is the act of ranking a website at the top of a search page via websites like Yahoo, Bing and Google. These search engines are used by billions of people around the world – and with that many potential customers searching for things that interest them on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why the battle for the top spot is so fierce.

Years ago, when the internet was still fresh in the minds of its users, it was considered relatively easy to rank highly within search result pages. These days however, and thanks to the millions of new websites that are created every single year, it can be incredibly challenging to climb the ranks and appear at the top of the results.

And that’s where search optimisation steps into the spotlight. This unique activity works by targeting specific features both on and off of websites, so as to allow the site in question to be seen in a better light by search engines. The more authority that a website is able to develop, the greater their search result position – and the higher up the display, the more traffic they can expect to receive.

This roughly translates to a greater volume of sales, with those that rank highly being exposed to broader interest and enquiries.

With SEO even the smallest businesses have been able to propel their services to a point of substantial online visibility, but getting there really isn’t as easy as it used to be. Search engines (like Google) check over 200 individual factors relating to a website – and if these elements aren’t deemed to be optimised or authoritative, then the site may struggle to move even a few spots.

If an expert is behind the effort however (and one that understands the power of backlinks and content), the potential for a website to skyrocket through the ranks is like nothing else in the world.

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