Online SEO Marketing Tips

SEO has, over the years, evolved from a basic discipline to a more sophisticated and recognized field of marketing. From small companies to blue chip firms, brands across different industries continue to see the impact organic search can have on their growth. A few basic SEO tips should help your business to stand out and survive the current competitive market.

Align Content and SEO

Aim your SEO efforts towards creating a good experience for your target persona. This is why great SEO goes hand in hand with great content. The trick is to build a good foundation for your content and align your SEO strategies to focus on the user. A tactic that many businesses have taken up is content marketing in the form of web content and blog posts. Ensure creative teams making content and technical SEO work together by establishing a clear workflow from content creation to optimization.

Mobile SEO

It’s already obvious that we are already in the mobile age. Several research findings reveal that people spend more time on mobile than on desktop devices. Any credible SEO plan should involve creating a mobile site.

Title Tags

Title tags have been a factor in SEO for well over ten years. Currently, they’re still a relevant part of any campaign. A good title tag should capture the reader’s attention. It should be descriptive and have relevant keywords. It should read more like a newspaper headline than the title of a scholarly journal.

Create an Engaging Web Presence

An engaging web presence is key to getting noticed, mentioned and linked to major players. Make sure you use organic strategies to obtain brand recognition because the days of selling, buying and trading links for ranking are gone with the wind. You want to increase traffic to your site by coming up with relevant content that is useful to existing as well as potential customers.

Social Media

Social media platforms have also become a significant part of any SEO campaign. This means you should create a team to come up with social media strategies and convert them into visible results. Make use of social media platforms to engage with customers and get them to talk about your brand. The average mobile user will ask friends, colleagues and relatives on social media about a product before making the purchasing decision. Therefore, strive to come up with a social media strategy to create interest in your brand.

Use Images and Video

People are more inclined to browse through a page with videos and or images than one with plain text. It’s time to appeal to people’s visual stimuli and create more awareness about your product or service. It is by using relevant images and video that you can expect to get more attention than ever before. This is particularly useful in social media where you can enlarge your followers and subscribers. Consequently, the larger your number of followers, the more likely someone will find your business when he/she performs a search.

Baby Steps

SEO is more of a journey than a destination. It should be part of a website from inception, continuously improving content visibility, building a brand and creating better experiences for users. You cannot perfect SEO in a day, take small steps to make your efforts more impactful and make your site better.

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