Become An E-Commerce Giant Killer With Magento

E Commerce has come a long way. What was once all about centralisation, namely- driving traffic to your chosen commerce portal, is now all about diffusion. Simply put, anybody who is content to market their wares on a single website or even a single platform is leaving a lot of money on the table by not embracing a multi-faceted sales strategy.

The big difficulty facing most small-scale internet entrepreneurs, however, is the old bugaboo of having enough time to manage everything. Since each separate platform has its own approach to how it needs to be managed, opening up multiple sales channels exposes the vendor to a lot of work and expense that they may not be truly set up to handle. That is where Magento comes in.

Magento is an all-inclusive CMS platform that is now part of the larger Adobe family of products. Given their reputation for seamlessly integrating multiple program modules into a single overarching entity, one can easily imagine that they are the perfect company to be making a splash in the fast-rising Content Marketing Systems business. What CMS is, in essence, is a unified software package that allows you to manage all of your online endeavours via a single interface.

This allows you to finally tackle your dream of offering your services/products on the big e-commerce giants such as Amazon and eBay as well as on your own humble little website without needing to learn a half a dozen new protocols and juggle many separate back office functions– all of which have different rules.

Instead, Magento can do all of that for you, plus a whole lot more. One of the biggest pluses of Magneto is its interoperability and scalability. You can start small with Magento and then seamlessly grow into an online behemoth. Likewise, it can handle all types of e- commerce, B2B, B2P, you name it. Plus it does start with an open source option for smaller companies, which can then migrate up to the full-auto once they are ready to grow beyond the free download module for beginners.

Speaking of beginners, however, it needs to be kept in mind that Magento allows you to juggle a lot of balls simultaneously, which translates into a degree of complexity in setup that might be best handled by a specialised developer. Bliss Media are a “magento developer” although they offer a lot more than that. You can get it to work without one, but you will probably not be able to access its full range of features. Having someone who has already set up similar e-commerce portals would probably be a very good idea.